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Emmi McIntyre / Program Director

Emmi McIntyreEmmi is somehow being allowed to graduate college in May with a degree in Finance. She has been at U92 since 2013 and enjoys Adidas, black coffee and being tall.

Nick Koban-Hogue/ Music Director

nick koban-hogueNick is a senior Environmental Protection major at WVU. A lover of all music with a special sweet spot for Animal Collective and all shoegaze music, Nick spends his off days wishing he were DJing.

Reed Phares/ Assistant Music Director

Reed PharesReed Phares was born in America at the tender age of 0. At the age of five he went to the Washington State Fair and held a live Borat Constrictor. More notable developments will be added as they occur.

Mel Smith / News Director

mel smithMel is a junior strategic communications major with a focus on advertising from Bel Air, Maryland. She joined the u92 news as soon as she became a Mountaineer, leading to becoming a DJ and apart of promotions. Mel has a love for sharing news to the community and aspires to become an entertainment news reporter and owner of a local coffee shop one day.

David Kessler / Marketing Director

Image ErrorDavid is a senior at the Reed College of Media majoring in Strategic Comm and minoring in Advertising. He was born in Puerto Rico and has been with WWVU since the Fall of 2013 when he joined the production staff and was hired as the Marketing Director. He enjoys planning entertainment events in Morgantown, being out in nature and adventuring with his brother around West Virginia.

Shayla Klein / Digital Media Producer

shayla kleinShayla is a sophomore journalism major and a recent addition to the U92 News staff. Although still a rookie, she advanced quickly to her position as Digital Media Producer. She designed the U92 News website and manages both the news Instagram and Twitter accounts. Shayla’s interests include Photoshop, dinosaurs, and (of course) reporting news.

Sports Director / Ryan Decker

Jackson Montgomery / Media Director

jackson montgomeryRegrettably hailing from Martinsburg, WV; Jackson is a senior MDS student studying PR, music tech, and women’s and gender studies. DJ of the year for 2014, he’s done every show at least once and regularly hosts Fuzzbox and the Underexposed. When he’s not thinking about the station’s PR strategy he writes the sort of music he plays on-air or reads about it. His goals include living in a tiny house, releasing a record and working for a music promotions company. @montbummery

Avery Williamson / Jazz Director

Avery WilliamsonApparently his bio is still in the works.

Zack Herberger / Metal Director

zack herbergerZachary (a.k.a. “The Herburglar”) hails from the nearby town of Fairmont, WV, and attends WVU as a physics & math major. He joined us in May 2015 and quickly rose through the ranks to take over the role of Metal Director. You’ll hear all kinds of metal on No Remorse, but he especially favors anything with “blackened” as a prefix. On his off days, he can be found playing classic Nintendo games.

John Casey / Morgantown Sound Producer

matthew foutyJohn was born in Point Pleasant, WV under the curse of Chief Cornstalk. He’s possibly the tallest employee of WWVU.

DJ Staff

  • Alainia Conrad
  • Amanda Doss
  • Austen "chubs" Lawson
  • Avery Williamson
  • Brian Parsons
  • Cass Caplinger
  • Elliott Imlay
  • Emmi McIntyre
  • Jackson Montgomery
  • John Casey
  • Nick Koban-Hogue
  • Michael Russell
  • Rayla Claypool 
  • Reed Phares
  • Will Lori
  • Zack Herberger

Sports Staff

  • Ryan Decker
  • Justin Moore   
  • Christina Cook
  • Lindsey Tingler

News Staff

  • Diana Payne
  • Melanie Smith
  • William Dean
  • Courtney McDonald
  • Rachel Brosky
  • Katie Forcade
  • Shayla Klein
  • Courtney Kramer

Marketing Staff

  • David Kessler
  • Paige Leonhardt
  • Natasha Rasekhi
  • Kate Judy
  • Joe Leytrick
  • Jessica Kipp
  • Nick Harrison
  • Zach Herberger
  • Rosie Donaldson
  • Megan McLean
  • Liam Shannon
  • Kyle Norz

Media Staff

  • Eamon Finan
  • Emmi McIntyre
  • Gavin Blankenship
  • Jackson Montgomery
  • John Casey
  • Lindsey Hypes
  • Marcos Loriero
  • Linsey McCollam


  • Matthew Fouty – General Manager
  • Darlene Johnson – Program Assist
  • John Mathews – Engineer

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